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When Gene Haen Sr. first opened Capeway Sunoco in 1951, he had dreams that it would one day be passed on to his children. Now, after three generations have come to pass, we are all proud to look back on over 50 years of quality service to the South Shore. As we move forward into the new millennium with all of the technological changes, here now and to come in the future, we will continue to provide the best service possible, at the best price possible. We’ll be there when you need us!

Sign up for your membership today. At only $39.95, you get the comfortable feeling of having the safest and most reliable towing service available and premium discounts at the South Shore’s leader in quality automotive service. Call or stop by our office today!

Capeway Sunoco & Towing

218 Columbia Rd.

Hanover, MA 02339

(781) 826-2051