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Dangers of Driving on Worn Tires

Recently, we had a customer come in for some maintenance to her minivan tires. The tread was in such bad shape, there was steel coming through.

Driving on worn tires like these, is extremely dangerous, especially on wet roads. When there are no grooves, they can’t channel water out from under the tread. This leads to hydroplaning and your vehicle won’t react to the steering wheel.

When you bring your vehicle into Capeway, our team of professionals will check the tread wear of the tires. With the tires pictured above, this wear is an indication that the tires are not rotating properly. To ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable, you should have your tires inspected regularly. Bringing your vehicle into a reputable auto shop, like Capeway, as soon as you sense an issue, will help prevent larger issues from forming. Ignoring issues can result in an expensive bill when the time comes to repair or replace the tires.

This is what a safe, drive-able tire should look like.

Fortunately, we were able to replace the woman’s tire on her minivan. To prevent worn tires & other vehicle issues, Hanover residents schedule regular visits with Capeway Sunoco & Towing. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any auto questions, contact us at 781-826-2051.


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