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Do I Need my AC Serviced?

With summer days in full swing, there is no better time to make sure your car’s air conditioning system is working properly. If it is blowing out warm air on hot days, it could be low on refrigerant. The cause of this is most likely from a leak in the system.

If your AC fails to work, but the fan keeps blowing warm air, there could be a leak in a connector or a hose. During colder months, you might notice that despite having your defroster on, your windows are still fogged up. This is, also, a sign that there is a leak.

When there is a leak, on most cars, the AC is designed to shut off as soon as the refrigerant level goes low enough. This happens to avoid damage to the AC compressor.

To determine the service needed, you should have a professional repair shop, like Capeway Sunoco & Towing, take a look at the system. If a complete evacuation & recharge is needed, Capeway will test the AC & recharge it with the exact quantity of refrigerant suggested by the car producer.

How often should you increase or replace the refrigerant? Drivers can be prevent any issues & have it done before they experience problems. This isn’t usually necessary more than every few years though. If you are unsure about the service your car’s AC system needs, contact Capeway at 781-826-2051.

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