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Harmful Effect From Driving on an Empty Gas Tank

Professionals go back and forth on whether it’s ok to let your gas needle get down to the E mark. In cold weather months, you’re asking for trouble if you are guilty of this habit.


If there is condensation of moisture in the gas tank, this can cause a buildup of water. Because water is denser than gas, it settles at the bottom of the tank and enters the gas line. It will then make its way to the lowest point of the gasoline system. As soon as the moisture freezes, the gas flow will become blocked and can prevent your car engine from not starting on a cold morning.


In most cases, the brand of gas you purchase is produced to avoid freezing. Gas line antifreeze can aid in decreasing the chances of your car not starting in the trouble. This product mixes with water to prevent freezing and then the combination is burned in the engine’s combustion procedure.


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