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How Can I Prevent Ice Buildup on My Windshield?

As most New Englanders know, our winters can be harsh and can affect everyone and anything it comes into contact with. You’ll notice that snow and ice will build up on your car during the winter. Our customers are constantly asking how they can prevent this buildup on their windshields. Below are a few ways that can help:

  • To help with preventing wipers from sticking to the windshield, wipe down wipers with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. This isn’t a permanent solution so you’ll have to repeat this once the wipers begin to stick again.
  • Some windshield washer fluid is chemically created to avoid icing when used with specific blades.
  • Using heated windshield washer fluid can help in cutting through any buildup of ice.
  • Another option is to purchase and have a professional install Everblades. Since they are heated wipers, they are your best bet in removing and preventing ice from building up.

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