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Spring Maintenance Car Tips

Since spring is officially here, Capeway Sunoco, Inc. thought it would be a good time to make sure your car is prepared for it! This winter wasn’t exceptionally bad, but cars can still be affected by the cold weather. Check out our tips to make sure your car is ready for a nice springtime cruise!

  1. As you drive in the winter, salt and sand can build up on the bottom of your car, leading to corrosion. This can cause rusting, which is dangerous for driving and makes it more difficult to resell your car. Make sure to power wash underneath your car to avoid this.
  2. Along with underneath your car, salt from the winter can damage the paint to your car. Once it is thoroughly cleaned, finish up with a liquid wax.
  3. Colder weather can negatively affect your tire pressure. Check your pressure on all of your tires, spare included, to make sure that they haven’t been affected.
  4. Check all of your car’s fluids (window washing, break, cooling system and power steering) to see if any need to be refilled.
  5. Winter weather can wear down your brakes and with spring rain coming, you want to make sure your brakes are working correctly!

The best way to ensure your car is ready for spring is to schedule regular maintenance appointments. Contact Capeway today at 781-826-2051 or by filling out our contact form.

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