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Taking Care of Your Car Battery in the Winter

One of the most common causes of breakdowns in cars are errors in the battery. While a car battery can die at any point throughout the year, it’s more probable to happen during the winter. The following are three things that can happen when winter temperatures get to your car battery:

  • The ability for a car battery to accept a charge drops. This means that the battery won’t recharge as fast when you’re driving.
  • The power output drops.
  • The load increases causing your lights, wipers, etc. to be used more.

The following are some issues that can affect your car battery:

  • If most of your drives are short or your car is left parked for a couple of days, consider a modern battery conditioner/intelligent charger. You’ll be able to leave this connected to the battery for an indefinite period. You’ll also be able to extend its life without excessively charging it.
  • Once you’re parked for the day or night, make sure that anything electrical is powered down. Things like leaving the radio or an interior lights on can kill your battery in colder weather.
  • If you find that your car is struggling to start and your battery is more than five years old, have your battery replaced.

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