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Tips For Driving Safely in the Rain

With spring weather here, the South Shore is beginning to see an increase in rainfall. With this increase, it’s important that drivers use caution as they navigate roads and highways. Driving in the rain can be dangerous because most drivers don’t change their habits. This can be harmful for all drivers on the road. Here are some tips for the next time you’re driving in the rain:

  1. Nowadays, most cars have cruise control, which works great in dry conditions. Using this feature while it’s raining increases your chance of losing control of your car. To avoid loss of traction, you might have to decrease the speed of your car by lifting off of the accelerator. If you’re using cruise control, this won’t happen. To fully concentrate on driving as it’s raining, avoid using cruise control and maximize your safety.
  2. To decrease your chance of hydroplaning, slow down as you drive through any puddles or areas that are especially wet. Drivers should also avoid taking turns sharply, driving in the tracks of the car in front of you and any hard braking.
  3. If your car feels as though it is about to skid, remember to not panic and follow these tips:
    1. Look and steer your car in the direction that you want it to continue going.
    2. Try not to slam on your brakes. This can throw off your car’s balance and make it more difficult to take control of.

As drivers of the South Shore, we know that the rainy weather is a time to be extra careful as we maneuver the roads.

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