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Tips for Storing Your Car in the Winter

Winter in New England can be harsh on any automobile, whether it’s new or used. There are many factors that can contribute to damage to your car in the winter. From cold temperatures to damage from road salt, it’s best to winterize your car before storing it for the winter.

Before Storing

  • Choose a location that will keep your car dry and will block any outside elements from entering. To keep moisture away, consider a spot with concrete floors.
  • If you’re unable to store your car on concrete floors, use plastic under the car or place plywood or carper under tires.
  • Make sure to store your car with a full tank of gas. With a full tank of gas, there’s less room for air to enter and less chance of gas corruption or rusting in the tank.
  • Schedule an oil change for your car before storing. Having clean oil, while storing, can decrease the chance of damaging chemicals working their way through your engine.
  • Ensure that your antifreeze is full.
  • Since your car will be stored for an extended amount of time, make sure your tires are full so you don’t damage the rim or rubber.

While Storing

  • Openings, such as exhaust pipes, should be covered to prevent any insects from getting in the car.
  • To avoid flat spots on your tires, put your car up on jacks during the time of storage.
  • Make sure that all your windows and doors are shut.
  • Cover your car with a tarp or waterproof cover.

Removing From Storing

  • Remove the cover and check for any damage or fluid leaks.
  • Since brake lines can rust during the winter, you’ll want to test the brakes to confirm they’re working correctly.
  • Remove the car from the jacks and add air in any tires that need it.
  • As you start the car, check for any leaking fluids or anything not normal.
  • Make sure to check and refill any liquids needing filling.

To schedule any auto maintenance before storing, contact Capeway at 781-826-2051 or by filling out our contact form.

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