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Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Fall & Winter

As drivers in New England know, there are various weather elements that can have a negative effect on your vehicle. In today’s blog, we offer some maintenance tips that will help your vehicle make it through the fall and winter months!

  • During these colder months, it’s very important to check and correct any tire pressure or tread depth issues. It is beneficial to contemplate tires designed specifically for slippery roads during the fall and winter months. Because your tires are vulnerable to losing pressure, it’s vital to check tire pressure weekly.
  • Colder months can be tough on your vehicle’s battery so you’ll want to make sure the connections stay clean. Since batteries don’t usually give off any warning signs, you should have it checked if it’s older than three years old.
  • Winter in New England means roads becoming covered in snow and ice more often. Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car so you should have them checked to ensure they’re working properly.

If you have more questions on maintenance tips in the colder months, contact Capeway Sunoco & Towing at 781-826-2051 or fill out our contact form.

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