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What Are the Advantages of a Penske Truck Rental?

If you have a local move coming up and are planning on doing it on your own, renting a Penske truck is going to be one of your best options! With a truck rental, you have complete control over your move, including how to pack and when to leave. Below, you’ll find other advantages of renting a Penske truck when it comes times to move.


  1. The amount of belongings you’ll be moving or size of your home is going to affect the size of the truck you’ll need to rent. If you have a smaller apartment, you would want to save money and rent a smaller truck and vice versa for a bigger home. When you choose an accurate size moving truck, your items will be safely and snugly packed and you’ll save money! Additionally, if you choose a large enough truck, you’ll be able to make the move in one trip.
  2. When renting a moving truck, transporting your car to your new home is one less thing you’ll have to worry about. Penske truck rentals come with a ball socket that accompanies a vehicle trailer. With this, you’re able to tow your car along, all while reducing costs like gas and tolls.
  3. Penske truck rentals are a great option for local or long distance moves. They’ll save you time, energy and reduce the amount of trips you need to make.
  4. Nowadays, moving trucks are being filled with diesel, meaning you can drive farther and use less than if you were using gasoline.

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