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Why is my Check Engine Light on?

Has your check engine light come on in your car and you don’t know why? Instead of ignoring that light, Capeway has provided you with some reasons as to why it would have turned on.

  • Fuel Mileage- Problems that can turn on a check engine light can greatly reduce your fuel mileage.
  • Spark Plugs– Spark plugs are used to ignite the gasoline in a vehicle’s cylinders. If you don’t replace spark plugs at the proper time, it can cause some of your car parts to fail and the check engine light to come on. Spark plugs are an important maintenance item, so don’t slack on replacing them!
  • Gas Cap- Something as simple as a damaged or loose gas cap can affect your mileage and fuel emissions. The check engine light will turn on to let you know that your car is not performing correctly.
  • 02 Sensor-If you have a damaged 02 sensor, your car will not perform to typical standards and can end up affecting many other systems.

If your check engine light has turned on recently, instead of neglecting it, contact Capeway Sunoco & Towing for an appointment! One of our trained mechanics will take a look and identify the reason for the light turning on.

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